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Swagelok industrial pressure regulators

Swagelok® Regulators

Reliable pressure control is essential to the safe operation of your fluid systems. At Swagelok, we have the right combination of high-purity and industrial pressure regulators to fit practically any situation. Pressure control advisors located around the world can help you find a configuration that will maintain pressure and minimize droop over a wide range of pressures and flows.

Swagelok’s single- and two-stage spring-loaded and instrumentation regulators (K series) and process pressure regulators (RHPS series) deliver consistent pressure control to maintain predictable process outputs in a variety of industrial applications. High-purity, high-flow regulators (HF series) provide reliable pressure control in applications that require uncompromising process cleanliness.

Learn About Types of Regulators

Read about how regulators play a critical role in our gas distribution systems

How Regulators Function

Swagelok pressure regulators are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested according to rigorous standards to ensure the quality and reliability you demand from our products.

Read about the importance of thorough testing for reliable regulator performance

Regulators Catalogs

Whether you need to maintain pressure downstream or upstream in an analytical or instrumentation setting (K series) or control pressure in a challenging industrial environment (RHPS series), a high-purity, high-flow application (HF series), or a system with storage tanks containing hazardous fluids (tank blanketing), we have a configuration to meet your needs. Find detailed product information, including materials of construction, pressure and temperature ratings, options, and accessories in the product literature provided here.

Swagelok flow curve generator for regulators

Need Help Selecting the Right Regulators?

Compare the performance of different regulators under varying application conditions with our regulator flow curve generator tool.

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Swagelok Resources Curated for You

Supply pressure effect in regulators
Managing Supply Pressure Effect (SPE) in a Regulator

Supply pressure effect, also known as dependency, is an inverse relationship between inlet and outlet pressure variables within a regulator. Learn how to manage this phenomenon in your pressure regulators with tips from Swagelok.

flattening a regulator flow curve
How to Minimize Droop

Droop, or the decrease in outlet pressure as downstream flow increases, can be an issue for all regulators. Watch this video to discover considerations for minimizing droop in a pressure-reducing regulator.

KEV series heated regulators
Heated Regulators (KEV Series) Solution Spotlight

Discover how the reliable Swagelok® KEV Series Heated Regulator for analytic sampling systems responds to changes in operator inputs, ambient temperatures, and other operating conditions to deliver consistent, reliable performance.

Regulators used to reduce time delay
How to Use a Regulator to Reduce Time Delay in an Analytical Instrumentation System

Time delay is often underestimated or misunderstood in analytical systems. One way to mitigate this delay is with a pressure-controlled regulator. Learn how to manage your analytical system’s time delay with these tips.

Swagelok regulators

From laboratory benches to busy manufacturing facilities and commercial fueling stations, industrial pressure regulators play a crucial role in ensuring fluids are contained and transferred under optimal pressures. If pressure cannot be properly controlled in these applications, test results may be invalidated, processes may be disrupted, equipment may be damaged, and personnel may be put at risk. You need to know the regulators in your system will consistently and accurately maintain pressure levels over extended operating lifespans—all without requiring frequent maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Swagelok pressure regulators provide the consistent, accurate, and lasting performance needed to operate fluid systems safely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

How to choose a regulator

Learn How Regulators Perform

Swagelok has advisors on fluid systems located at authorized sales and service centers around the world to provide local support in choosing between a spring-loaded, a dome-loaded, or one of the many other available regulator configurations. These advisors can also help diagnose regulator problems and customize and build fluid systems that include regulators such as a gas distribution system.

Find out more about these services as well as related training classes available from Swagelok

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