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semiconductor wafer manufacturing

Swagelok® Thermal Loop Management Program for Semiconductor Fabs

The Swagelok® thermal loop management program is designed to help semiconductor manufacturers operate leak-tight, properly insulated systems to maximize chip yield.

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Prevent Condensation and Reduce Costs in Thermal Loop Systems for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

Achieving optimal yield in semiconductor wafer manufacturing requires efficient chiller and heat exchanger operation, and that requires reliable chiller hoses and other leak-tight components. Those components must be properly installed, routed, and insulated to achieve process consistency, repeatability, cleanliness, and a moisture-free operating environment.

The Swagelok thermal loop management program was created to address these needs. This comprehensive program uses our decades of experience and deep technical understanding of semiconductor wafer manufacturing application requirements to offer resources that can help maximize semiconductor process productivity.

A Comprehensive Program That Supports Semi Fab Chiller Hose Efficiency

Thermal Loop Program Benefits

The Swagelok thermal loop management program enables:

  • Reduced downtime by preventing condensation that causes process interruption
  • Increased semiconductor chip yields by minimizing thermal variation with highly efficient media transfer throughout the process loop
  • Increased efficiency and reduced energy costs due to improved chiller performance
  • Reduced capital expenses and operating expenditures due to streamlined processes with a single vendor

Hundreds of Swagelok field engineers located at authorized sales and service centers around the world bring the program to life, making it easy to access the support needed to optimize thermal loop performance for semiconductor wafer manufacturing. They provide a comprehensive solution for semiconductor production needs including expert guidance, local support, and pre-engineered system assemblies covered by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

For more information about our thermal loop management program and how it can help your company, contact your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center.

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