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Flexible tubing

Swagelok® Flexible Tubing

PFA and vinyl flexible tubing offer two chemically resistant, translucent solutions for low-pressure applications where chemical reactions may be a concern and transparency is needed to monitor system flow. The form-fit-and-stay capability of CT convoluted vacuum tubing can compensate for misalignment and system reroutes between static connections, reducing system rework.

Hose and Flexible Tubing Catalogs

Locate detailed product information, including materials of construction, pressure and temperature ratings, options, and accessories.

Swagelok hose management services engineer

Swagelok® Hose Advisory Services

Learn how to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance, reducing costs in the process.

Read About Hose Management

Swagelok Resources Curated for You

Swagelok hose and flexible tubing
3 Steps to Hose Safety & Lower Plant Costs

Industrial hose safety is often deprioritized during regular plant maintenance. It is important hoses receive the attention they deserve—leaks and wear can put your facility at risk. Learn tips to avoid dangerous situations while lowering plant costs.

Industrial hose maintenance
How an Industrial Hose Maintenance Plan Could Save Your Plant Thousands

Knowing the proper time to replace your industrial hoses can save your plant thousands in maintenance costs. Learn how to evaluate your systems and develop a preventive maintenance plan to manage the health of your hoses.

industrial hose replacement material considerations
Industrial Hose Replacement: Core Tube Material Considerations

When selecting an industrial hose, the first place to start is the core tube—the hose’s innermost layer. Learn how to select the ideal hose for your application with information on core tube materials & wall construction from the experts at Swagelok.

Industrial hose reinforcement types
How to Select the Right Hose Reinforcement

Industrial hoses typically contain critical reinforcement layers that contribute to longevity and performance. Learn about different reinforcement layer types and which is best suited for different fluid system applications.

PFA Tubing

PFA and Vinyl Flexible Tubing

PFA Flexible Tubing

Chemically resistant and translucent, PFA flexible tubing is designed for use with both Swagelok PFA tube fittings and metal Swagelok tube fittings in low-pressure applications (up to 275 psig (18.9 bar)). The tubing’s translucence allows for visibility of system fluid while the smooth inner wall provides flow control and drainability.

Vinyl Tubing

Soft, flexible, and clear, Swagelok LT series vinyl tubing, made from smooth-bore, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, handles a wide variety of laboratory chemicals and applications where system transparency is desired (up to 40 psig (2.7 bar)). Thick-wall tubing is available in 1/4 and 3/8 in. sizes for vacuum-service applications. LT series tubing can be used with Swagelok tube fittings and metal inserts. HC series end connections and bulk tubing are available for field assembly of soft plastic or rubber tubing.

Convoluted Metal Tubing

Convoluted flexible metal tubing and hose can compensate for misalignment and system reroutes between static connections in vacuum or low-pressure static applications. Swagelok CT convoluted vacuum flexible tubing can be compressed by at least 15% and extended up to 50% of manufactured length. Standard and custom tubing lengths, custom tubing assemblies, and adapters for field assembly are available.

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