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metal tubing fz and fn series

Swagelok® Metal Tubing (FZ and FN Series)

FZ and FN series metal tubing reduce permeation in high-temperature vacuum and low-pressure applications.

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FZ Series Metal Tubing

The FZ series is a zero-braid version of the FJ series hose and is an option for hose applications that do not experience pressures that require a braid on the core tube. This non-annealed all-metal tubing can be used in dynamic applications.

FN Series Metal Tubing

The FN series is an annealed, zero-braid version of the FJ series hose and is an option for convoluted metal tube (CT) applications. The form-fit-and-stay capability of its assemblies can compensate for misalignment and system reroutes between static connections in vacuum or low-pressure static applications. It is not intended for dynamic applications.

FZ and FN series tubing are designed to meet the needs of high-temperature vacuum or low-pressure applications where permeation is undesirable. Custom assemblies are available with other options including tubing tags, additional cleaning, and additional helium leak testing.


Working PressuresFZ Series: up to 250 psig (17.2 bar)
FN Series: up to 135 psig (9.3 bar)
MaterialsCore: 316L SS
End Connections: 316 SS
Nominal Hose Sizes1/4 through 1/2 in.
Temperature Range–325 to 1000°F (–200 to 537°C)
Maximum Continuous Length480 in. (1219 cm)
End ConnectionsSwagelok® tube adapters, rotatable male and female VCR® metal gasket face seal fittings, female VCO® O-Ring face seal fittings, tube butt welds
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Swagelok® Hose Advisory Services

Learn how to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance, reducing costs in the process.

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